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Very nice pre-war Mason & Hamlin model A in ebony satin. This piano should be arriving in the beginning of September.

This piano is like a time capsule. The soundboard is perfect and has great crown, the bridges are perfect, the bass is full and alive, the treble sings, the action is great, and the bushings are all great. This is a real performance grade instrument at an exceptional value.

5 year warranty.

2 Steinway Hepplewhite console pianos in Mahogany are due to arrive mid january. Both are expected to be in the $4300 price range depending on the bench you choose; Jansen benches can add a few hundred dollars.

If you would like to reserve one, let us know. All deposits of course are fully refundable and purchases contingent on you approval of the piano when it is in and prepped.

These photographs are pictures of what a Hepplewhite Steinway looks like just to give you an idea of the style. They are not pictures of the actual pianos. The pianos coming in will of course need prep, case touch-up, and tuning prior to sale.

Gorgeous Steinway B circa 1977, absolutely perfect condition. This piano was meticulously maintained and very lightly played. It is an absolute gem.

5 Year Wells Pianos Warranty - parts and labor

If you are in the market for a fantastic concert piano, be sure to put a hold on this one before it arrives. We guarantee you will love it. This is sure to go soon!

Piano due to arrive 3/28

There are two companies in the country that are using the kind of soundboard we put into this piano; Wells Pianos and Ravenscroft Pianos.

The soundboard in this special BB Mason came from a Sitka spruce tree over 1000 years old. The tonal properties are amazing, growth rings insanely tight, and very stable. This piano is going to be very special when it is done.

This upright piano has beautiful, delicate hand-carved legs.

Steinway Model M Centennial Style Grand Piano in walnut. Serial number 357646. Pictures coming soon.

The Steinway Sheraton studio piano is in great condition. The action is fantastic--it looks like it has hardly ever been played. The block is tight, there are no cracks in the soundboard. This is a perfect teaching workhorse or an elegant addition to your home. Matching bench. circa 1960 5 Year warranty - parts and labor, 5 year 100% trade in value It might be a good idea to call ahead on this one. Sorry, no pictures right now. The case looks nice, but has an antiqued look--it looks modern and presentable. Here is a link to the product:

This pre-war model V steinway professional studio (49") is in great condition. The soundboard is perfect with no cracks, the pinblock is very tight, and the action is very good. As it is, the piano is value priced at $2,895. You have the optioin to upgrade to a new finish, restringing, and new hammers and whippens, and artist bench at additional cost; The piano will look and sound like new.

Steinway model P. Sounds and plays great.
Has a deep, resonant base. Great overall tone and nice action. Excellent condition.
5 year warranty-parts and labor.
Coming soon-this piano will be in the store towards the end of June.