Brodmann Grand Piano PE 212

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This versatile high end piano can be found in homes as well as concert venues and institutions. It is a Steinway B Hamburg scale. Yes, Brodmann was originally developed as a Bosendorfer project, and rights to use the original pre-war Steinway design were purchased from Hamburg Steinway. This fabulous sounding piano with its responsive tonal range is also a wonderful piano for use in the home. Finished in ebony polish with 7¼ octave (88 keys), 3 pedals with German scaling and design. Slow close fallboard brake system including German Strunz soundboard and ribs, Abel hammers and Delignit pinblock.
Available in Ebony Polish.

  • 88 keys
  • l: 212 cm / 7´
  • w: 159 cm / 5´3”
  • weight: 418 kg / 899 lb