Performance Build Series – Full Rebuilds

Players Series

performance without compromise 30-45k

The players series is all about performance. It’s like getting a nice dialed in Steinway without the finish. Hand rubbed finishes are time consuming and require special expertise–a fine finish can represent 25% of the cost of a piano.

  • New soundboard
  • New action
  • New keytops and sharps
  • New key bushings, front and balance rail
  • New underfelt
  • New dampers
  • New pinblock
  • Plate bronzing
  • New strings
  • Museum grade finish on soundboard

Heirloom Series

with full cosmetic restoration 38-75k

The Heirloom series represents what we think of when we see an absolutely brand new piano–except we did the work, and without compromise. It’s the ‘Players Series’ but with a brand new nitrocellulose lacquer finish.

Our finishes are traditional nitrocellulose and hand-rubbed. Polyester or polyurethane (wet looking) finishes can be requested. Bear in mind that they are more difficult to repair.

Showcase Series

art case and special finishes – enquire

Bold designs to classical art case, the Showcase series combines performance grade quality with top design elements.

In our Showcase line you will find silver editions, ribbon and flamed mahogany, Carpathian elm, rosewood, carved art cases, and cases imagined by special designers such as Walter Dorwin Teague.

We stock case parts to transform ‘straight case’ Steinways into standard art cases such as the “Ice Cream Cone” Leg style with scalloped lyre and rack, “Fire Plug” legs, “Tulip” (otherwise known as “Tiffany”) legs, Chippendale, and more.

Don’t forget about excellent pre-owned Steinways.

Starting at around 16k

Every grand on a stage has been ‘used’.

It takes skill and time to get a piano to sing. We get many Steinway’s with excellent soundboards that may simply need a new pinblock or bridges etc…. These pianos can represent an excellent value and get the same setup as our full builds. Many have new actions as well. You could have a dialed-in Steinway Model O for the same price as a ‘bottom of the barrel’ price point piano at a big shop. If you are passionate about playing, make good choices. Feed your enthusiasm and develop your technique by getting the best tool possible under your fingers.