Brodmann Model 187 Grand Piano 6’2″


The Model PE187 is a Steinway B Hamburg scale. Yes, Brodmann was originally developed as a Bosendorfer project, and rights to use the original pre-war Steinway were purchased from Hamburg Steinway. This grand piano is the size which is bought more often than any other size of piano made in the world today. It is an ideal size for both private and for professional teaching at music conservatories and schools.

  • Steinway 6’2” Model A2 Scale From Hamburg
  • Professional Grand Piano
  • Finished In Ebony Polish
  • 7¼ octave (88 keys)
  • 3 Pedals
  • Slow Close Fallboard
  • German Strunz Soundboard
  • Abel Hammers
  • Delignit Pinblock