Knabe 6'1" Grand Piano - Performance Grade - Call For Price

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The Knabe grand represents modern quality, design and performance. It is a favorite of many professionals who thought that Yamaha or Kawai was the only way to go. At 1/3 the price and with equivalent ratings in "The Piano Book", the Knabe delivers in every department. There are many pianos that we would have mixed feelings about selling; pianos that may be good for some, but maybe wouldn't cut it for the pros. The Knabe is not one of them. Come try for yourself. The voice of the Knabe is powerful, nuanced, earthy and articulate. These pianos are fantastic! 

  • Asymmetrically tapered & contoured solid spruce soundboard - Germany
  • Single stringing - a rare premium feature
  • Maple rim
  • Renner action parts - Germany
  • Abel natural felt hammers - Germany