Rippen Vertical - Rare Mid-Century Modern Design! $7,995

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This rare Rippen full studio piano is made in Holland. It features a full Renner (Germany) action, and a stunning mid-century modern aesthetic. The quality and authenticity of this piano is a value proposition for those in search of the mid-century style. Although the piano is actually 53" at its peak, it is not so imposing on the room. The average 53" piano seems to take up all the air, but the Rippen is sleek, powerful, fits with the room, and stands out without taking up all the space. The negative space in the cutout design accentuates its pianistic quality and gives the feeling of space. This action is in very nice shape and from a performance and longevity standpoint, the piano is in good shape.

The piano looks good but we like to give our customers what they are looking for, especially those looking at instruments such as this from a design standpoint. This piano can be made to be as flawless as when it left the factory should you desire a new finish. Please call for a consultation.

  • Renner action - the same that is found in pianos that sell for hundreds of thousands today.
  • 5-year warranty
  • 10-year 100% trade-in value