Schimmel 7'0" Grand Piano - ALL GERMAN CONSTRUCTION - Like New - $25,500

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  • This is a model CC208T which was purchased in 1999 at the dealership here in MN. The soundboard is perfect and the action looks hardly played. This 208cm piano technically puts this Schimmel at 6'10"; Steinway's 7'0" model B is also technically 6'10 1/2" (211cm). Since this is likely what our buyers will be comparing it to, we thought we would take the same latitude that Steinway USA does with their size description. Being the honest people we are though, I wanted to point out the difference. 
  • Like the German Steinway (not NY) this Schimmel has a full German Renner action.
  • The piano is entirely made in Germany and in Larry Fine's "The Piano Book" is rated above NY Steinway in terms of workmanship; equal in performance to NY Steinway.
  • This piano has been in MN since new!
  • This is a high performance German piano. Weather you are an avid amateur, a student, a parent with students, or a pro, this piano will work for you. 
  • This is a rare instrument to find in this condition, at this price.