Seiler Model SE186 Grand Piano German Made - New 6'2" Please contact us for special pricing.

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The Seiler Model SE186 6'2" grand piano is sublime to play. The breadth of tone, the full bass, and the singing treble are almost euphoric. The clarity brings out an honesty in the artist's interpretation that would be lost in most other pianos, even those we think of as high end. The piano is so responsive and performs at such a high level, that it may be uncomfortable at first to the uninitiated. Few pros, or anybody for that matter, will be afforded the chance to get to know a piano like this.

If you are considering a Steinway Model A, or a Fazioli, the Seiler is going to be a game changer. We have Steinways--good ones for you to play next to this Seiler. You owe it yourself to try it.

  • All German construction
  • Higher quality rating than NY Steinway
  • German Renner action
  • New 10 year factory warranty
  • 10 year 100% trade-in value