Seiler SE-208 NEW Special Concert Demo Pricing - Call

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The Seiler SE-208 grand piano is one of the lesser-known high-end pianos. Serious players, when shopping for a Steinway Model B, often purchase the SE-208.  The nuance and refinement of the action is unsurpassed, the quality is rarely seen in a concert piano, and the depth and range will astonish even the most discerning player. This concert demo has been used in performances. It is being sold as new and is close to mint condition. Visit Wells Pianos for values that you will not find at any shop in the Midwest. We know performance and we know our business. Buy with confidence.

  • Hand-made quality
  • Superb German construction
  • Unsurpassed performance
  • Bavarian spruce soundboard
  • 10-year 100 % trade-in value
  • 10-year warranty - parts and labor