Johannes Seiler 5’3″ Model 160 Silver Edition with Silent Play NEW

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The Model 160 was originally a Bechstein Model 160. When Seiler/SMC purchased Bechstein, they decided to use the 160 design in their Seiler lineup. This design is excellent! If you are in the market for a smaller grand but want something that is high performing, then audition the 160.

This visually striking piano has the added feature of complete silent play. You can switch between acoustic and silent/digital mode. Passive optical sensors measure the key velocity and give you a truly realistic experience playing on an actual grand piano–in complete silence! To switch back to acoustic mode, you simply push an inconspicuous button. If you like, you can even use the digital feature along side the acoustic mode–at the same time!

Price is below MAP, so our dealer agreement does not allow us to post the price. Call or visit for info.

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Weight: 617 lbs
Depth: 5′ 2 1/4″
Width: 59 1/2″
Height: 40 1/2″
Pinblock: 11 Ply
Pinblock Material: Cross-laminated, American hard maple
Tuning Pins: Nickel plated, Cut thread
Hammer felt: Premium grade, German felt, “T” Wired
Action: Premium, Aluminum
Soundboard Material: Surface Tension
Soundboard Area: 1740 sq. in.
Ribs: White Spruce, Pre-curved, Notched to inner rim
Bridge material: Vertically Laminated, Beech, Beech/Maple Cap
Music Wire: Roslau-Germany
No.# 1 Bass String: 44 3/10″