Seiler 6’10” Model ED208 Grand Piano – NEW

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The Seiler Model 208 is an ideal size for the person who is looking for that maximum combination of power and performance that can fit into both a home or a recital venue. Many of our clients who were thinking they wanted a Steinway model B fell in love with the unique sound of the Seiler 208. Is either going to perform at a higher level? No. If you are in the market for this size piano, we encourage you to audition the Seiler.


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Weight: 816 lbs
Width: 61″
Pinblock: 20 Ply beech
Tuning Pins: Nickel Plated Cut threads, German Rod Steel
Hammers: Finest Quality German Felt, Abel, “T” Wired
Action: Wood Rail
Soundboard: German winter cut spruce, asymmetrically tapered Membrator System
Soundboard Area: 2231 sq. in.
Ribs: White spruce, Pre-curved, notched to inner rim
No.# 1 Bass String: 59″