Steinway 6'4" Model A3 - Rare - Last Year of Production! $45,000 - SOLD

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Excellent Steinway:

  • Remanufactured with new finish, action, soundboard, and pinblock.
  • Accelerated Action
  • Upgraded German Theran by Kluge Keytops (Kluge is a key manufacturer in Germany that is owned by Steinway. Tharan is a premium mineral composite keytop material.)
  • Ebony Black Keys
  • New Brass Hardware
  • A new, better than factory, premium sitka soundboard has been installed.  The panel stock, originating from the Pacific Northwest, is supplied by Dale Erwin and is made from trees that are roughly 1,000 years old.  This panel stock can be found in historical preservation project builds and many of the highest performance pianos in the world.
  • The action parts were manufactured at Steinway NY.  The hammers were manufactured by Steinway NY and have been weighed off and individually shaped (bored, tailed, tapered, and coved) to provide the player with the most balanced and optimal response possible. 
  • This piano is unequivocally a superior alternative to a new model A. Don't miss it!