Steinway M Performance Rebuild - Mahogany $32,000

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This Steinway M is a real performer. The action is made by Steinway at their Renner facility in Germany, and the rest of the piano has been fully remanufactured to full performance spec. We assert that the workmanship, attention to detail, tone, performance, and overall quality is objectively superior to that of a new Steinway you will play at a dealership. Come see for yourself!

  • Steinway-Renner action
  • nitrocellulose lacquer refinish
  • NEW Jansen adjustable concert artist bench
  • premium tight grain performance panel stock from old growth sitka (800-1000 years old) 
  • full tapered soundboard with 100% original ribbing pattern and dimensions, aged for years and dried to 5% humidity - higher impedance, performance and stability
  • brass hardware
  • new premium pinblock

If you are looking for an M, you can't do better than this one.