Steinway Modern Centennial M Teague sketch 1111 - Limited Edition 1955 - New Rebuild $39,000 Pre-SOLD, Sorry

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This is an original limited edition Walter Dorwin Teague sketch 1111 design Steinway piano circa 1955. 

Our price on this 'Modern Centennial' is $39,900; The 2019 retail price of the Sketch 1111 Teague is $96,000.

  • ETA to completion is 2-3 months. We expect this instrument to be pre-sold. 
  • New Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish
  • New Action, Renner - Steinway, Germany
  • Strings, Mapes International Gold - Steinway, NY
  • A more complete parts list will be updated. 
  • Photos to come when we are closer to completion.