Steinway A – Art Case – Full Restoration SOLD

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This Steinway 6’1″ Model A1 is a top quality performance rebuild by Wells Pianos. This piano is a true piece of history. It was hand crafted in 1889 and owned by one family here in Saint Paul. In 1889, Montana, Washington, and the Dakotas were granted statehood; the Wall Street Journal was founded; the Savoy opened in Paris; Nellie Bly began her trip around the world.

The hand crafted quality of this piano is not being reproduced today.

Own a true piece of American history.

  • New premium soundboard from Dale Erwin. This is the same panel Stock used in the Smithsonian’s Steinway Collection, The White House, pianos at Juilliard, and more.
  • New Steinway Action
  • New Steinway Hammers
  • New Steinway Strings – Mapes
  • This is one of the first truly modern designed Steinway pianos. It features a standard webbed plate flange, and truly overstrung scale. The action rail and keys are identical to today’s Steinway. The footprint is slim and sleek because of the omission of the last 3 treble keys (which never get used anyway–you would be hard pressed to even find music calling for them).
  • New Pinblock (Wrestplank)
  • New Traditional Hand Rubbed Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish
  • New Dampers
  • Wonderfully Prepared & Voiced
  • This is a true performance piano with another lifetime ahead of it. This piano is history reborn and living.