Steinway Model A3 Grand Piano 6’4″ Impeccable Rebuild

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Beautiful Steinway 6’4″ grand piano. This size is rare and highly sought after. Our piano store has rebuilt this very special instrument and it is regulated to a concert standard performance level. The soundboard is very high quality and is the same panel stock that can be found at the White House, The Smithsonian’s Steinway collection, the Juilliard School, and other prominent institutions. The technicians who worked on the action are Robert Linton, formerly an employee of Steinway; and Jeffery Saarela, technician for Osmo Vanska, conductor of the MN Orchestra.

  • New soundboard
  • New pinblock
  • New action
  • New finish
  • New hardware
  • 5 year warranty – parts and labor
  • 10 year 100% trade-in value