Steinway Model O Grand Piano Rebuild – New Soundboard by Wells Pianos!

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This is really an ideal piano for those most concerned with performance at maximum value. The piano has been rebuilt by one of our best technicians, Robert Linton. Robert was an employee at the Steinway factory and is a true expert at Steinway rebuilding. The soundboard panel quality is unsurpassed – the very same panel stock that you will find at the Smithsonian’s Steinway Collection, The White House, and the most demanding venues. The finish was so nice that we thought it would make a great value piano for those wanting the most for their budget. The finish is original. It was cleaned professionally, and shellacked with the very best and pure hand made shellac consisting of nothing but anhydrous ethyl alcohol and shellac from India, just as when it was built, and true to the original! Don’t miss this one!

  • 5 year warranty
  • 10 year 100% trade-in value
  • Artist bench
  • A quality Steinway and a rare opportunity