Steinway Models – Rebuilds & Preowned

Wells Pianos specializes in the restoration and performance optimization of Steinway pianos. In house, we fabricate direct replacement soundboards, mill pinblocks, and rebuild actions. We offer something truly special and cater to those who genuinely care about performance, aesthetics, and quality. Our work is at such a high level of quality, that we would like to point out that our pianos aren’t actually new. We remind people that these are high performance restorations with exceptional longevity. Our work has been received by the professional community with overwhelming accolades and enthusiasm.

Refer to the model guide and peruse our inventory. In addition to full performance rebuilds, we offer new actions on pre-owned inventory.

You can research Steinway serial numbers HERE.

Most of our pianos that we sell never hit the website, so it is important to get in touch. While some are averse to sales people, don’t worry. We don’t ‘sell’ like other shops do, we get people set up with the right instrument and provide absolutely the best value. Having a conversation with one of our staff is going to be an important step towards a making a good choice.

Steinway Inventory