Our piano store sells good used and reconditioned Yamaha pianos. In the Twin Cities, Yamaha is popular primarily because of the market penetration and volume only achievable in a chain store setup. This is not our business model, but Yamaha pianos do get traded in--sometimes fairly new ones, and we do sell them. Generally speaking they can be good pianos, and we stay away from what is known as 'gray market' Yamaha pianos; these are pianos that were originally retailed in Southeast Asia, were cosmetically touched-up, and sent on a container to be sold in the USA. Besides the sometimes dubious nature of the reconditioning, gray market pianos were intended to be in a more humid environment and can be problematic in MN. All of our Yamaha pianos come with a warranty, and inventory changes often. If you don't see what you are looking for, let us know so that we can alert you when the model you are in search of arrives--we do this often for our customers! It is notable that many of our pianos never get listed for sale publicly, because it may be pre-sold, or a customer may have requested a notification. Usually, if you make a request, we can get you what you want at a great price, with a great warranty.

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