Bösendorfer Model VC214 SSCS 7′ Grand – Just in! SOLD

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The award winning and highly sought after Vienna Concert series 7′ Bösendorfer is finally available at Wells Pianos. Our owner has purchased as many as possible and they have finally begun to arrive.

As purveyors of performance Steinway builds sought after worldwide, we can, with authority, say that the Bösendorfer is at a whole other level. With success comes specialization. The focus of Wells Pianos is performance. The Bösendorfer is the only piano that we feel we do not have to refine for it to be truly ready for the stage and the most demanding players at the highest level. The Bösendorfer is so finely built that the instrument allows you to explore repertoire in the way that you never thought possible–regardless of skill level. The tonal breadth, and the articulation and feedback allow for the most rapid learning and honing of skill. The Bösendorfer is the ultimate piano for both the professional and the enthusiast. It is our expertise in action building and soundboard making that has informed our careful decision to stock these very special pianos. Usually this is where a store would knock the competition, but with the Bösendorfer, there is none. They exist in a realm beyond criticism or reproach.

If you are looking for a Steinway B, come see us and we will demonstrate how ours are better. We will also give you the opportunity to play something very special and exclusive; the Bösendorfer.