6’2″ Seiler Model ED186 Rosewood on Ebony – Call For Price

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The aesthetic appeal of this piano is elegant and striking, yet unostentatious.

  • Nickeled hardware
  • Macassar on ebony finish
  • Silver plate
  •  Classic design
  • Renner action

Additional information


Weight: 705 lbs
Width: 60″
Pinblock: 20 Ply, Beech
Tuning Pins: Nickel Plated Cut threads, German Rod Steel
Hammers: Finest Quality German Felt, Abel, “T” wired
Action: Renner, Hornbeam Rail
Soundboard: Winter Cut White Spruce, Solid Spruce, “Membrator” System
Soundboard Area: 2046 sq. in.
Ribs: White Spruce, Pre-curved, Notched to inner rim