Steinway A in Ebony Satin 6'2" - FULL performance rebuild $42,000

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This pre-war, 'golden era' Steinway model A is a very nice example of the consummate craftsmanship of our artisans. 

  • premium performance soundboard - old growth sitka 800-1000 years old, aged for years and kiln dried to 5% - higher impedance, higher dimensional stability, higher performance
  • Steinway action built in their Renner factory in Germany
  • nitrocellulose finish in ebony satin
  • newly re-nickeled hardware
  • excellent tone
  • premium pinblock

This piano has been meticulously set up for optimal performance and longevity. If you are considering a new Steinway Model A, then this is the piano for you. 

We expect this piano to be finished mid January. Please note that many, if not most, of our Steinways are pre-sold prior to completion. Should you choose to place a deposit, the purchase will be contingent on approval of the completed piano. We guarantee that you will love it!