Steinway C-227 – 7’5″ Comprehensive Performance Restoration

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The Steinway Model C has been dubbed “The Smaller Concert Grand” and “The Recital Piano” by Steinway. The Model indeed meets the highest possible standards. The Model C has little to do with the Model B–its structure more closely resembles the Model D than anything. In fact the duplex aliquots are identical, as is the hammer bore and sectional plate bracing.

This brand new action is the one that Rachmaninoff, Paderewski, Rubinstein, and Hofmann would have played on. The ‘eternal greats’ didn’t have it wrong.

The new old growth Sitka soundboard is of absolutely unparalleled quality. The care and deliberation exercised in its construction ensure several lifetimes of longevity.

New soundboard

New action

New damper underlever assembly

New nitrocellulose lacquer traditional finish

Matching Jansen Steinway factory bench, new